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When I was a kid I had the luck of studying music. I started with the clarinet, and after making my teacher running away in desperation I switched to piano. After three years and poor results (I've beed admitted to the third year under condition as my level wasn't good enough for a third year), finally realizing that piano was not my job, considered that piano school wasn't mandatory (and moreover that in my family we never had money to throw away) I decided to drop and so crying I said it first to my piano teacher (and she took it very well indeed) and only then to my mother (!).

Of course years later I think it was a wrong decision. I always kept playing first the piano and then electronic synths (that included a special device that made happy my family - hearphones). Recently I decided to pick up the piano again so I bought an electronic piano from yamaha. In this page (until I run out of web space) I've promised myself to publish recordings from my playing.

F.F.Chopin. Waltzer op. 64/2

This is the piece that made me buying a piano to give it another try. I've heard this waltzer for the first time a few months ago and I tried playing it with the synth I was using (no dynamics, unweighted keys) connecting it to the software synthetizer I've on my PC (the piano sound of the keyboard was outrageous). However I realized that for this kind of music dynamic is not an optional, so I made the jump and I also fell in love for the weighted keyboard. I've to add that I also didn't realize how bad was the latency in the soft synthetizer... in other words with a piano, well, it's an horse of a different color.

F.F.Chopin. Nocturne op. 9/1 (start)

This nocturne by Chopin is in my opinion simply fantastic. When I heard it for the first time I thought that the hard part were the tricks with the right hand, when indeed for me it was harder to get smooth broken chords for the left hand. I didn't finish the piece yet; I'm currently studying the middle part, but a problem I have is that I like so much the initial part (that is also similar to the ending part) that when I sit at the piano I find myself playing it instead of studying the middle part. I always had problems completing musical pieces... however I think this is a problem for many piano hobbists.

F.F.Chopin. Fantasie Impromptu op. 66 (start, fake)

This is a very famous piece, and I've heard this is the dream of all piano hobbists. I started looking at the score only a few days ago and, honestly, I don't think I'll be ever able to play it at a reasonable speed. This recording is fake, I obtained it by recording separately the left and the right hand and then playing back the result at double the speed of recording. Don't tell anyone I cheated ;-).